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It is important that we find the right telecoms solution for your business, ensuring that you end up with a reliable, cost-effective solution that allows you to communicate effectively with the outside world. Here at INDIGO IT we don’t just do phones, we support the whole business, so if you have a problem we can help, even if it’s not with something we supplied

We manage your Telecoms 

You manage your Business

Our Microsoft Teams Integration links your business 365 account directly into our Hosted VOIP System. With our Direct Routing, you can upgrade the users you choose to Teams Users while leaving users that don’t need it on the normal system. Our Teams users still have handsets where they can pick up calls at their desk but they also have Teams accounts synced to their number so they can pick up calls from their DDi’s and Hunt Groups live on their PC or laptop.

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Disaster Recovery For Every Solution

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Disaster Recovery Systems

Every INDIGO IT customer gets a free 30-minute Disaster Recovery build with one of our engineers. This is a plan that you can activate at a moment's notice using our Mobile App. The whole company's telecoms will instantly switch to your DR plan and customers will get the exact same experience, even if they are calling mobiles

Hosted & VOIP


Reliable telecoms & HD VOIP systems to meet the needs of your business today & in the future, all covered under a 99.999% uptime

Telephone Systems

Our systems come with all the features you would need at no extra cost including queuing, voice mail to email and a custom DR app 

5 Devices per user

Every user on our system can have up to 5 devices, so a phone in the office and at home with a mobile app while on the move are all included 

Groups and Teams

With INDIGO IT you get as many groups as you need all included in the license fee, so you can route your calls the way your business needs

Time of DAy Rules

Your system will be setup with your opening hours and days, automatically routing your customers to the right place every time. With our voicemail to email service for when you're closed

Mobile Users

With INDIGO IT mobile apps and diverts combined, our system will try and call your mobile app first. If you're not logged in, the system will automatically call your mobile number, so you always get your calls

Customer Portal

With our portal setup, you can manage your system as well as see your recordings all in one place. You have reporting and wallboards available here too

Personalized Menus

Record and upload your menus audio so your customers get a customized experience. You can even queue ten people for free so you wont miss a call ever again

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Call Recording System

Our Call Recording Portal can store calls for up to 7 years with both mobile app access and portal access. We offer voicemail to email as well as handset-based access. We can record calls to landlines, mobiles and Teams, all in one place

Inbound Call Routing

All UK wide numbers available for just £3 per month or free with our systems 0345, 0330, 0333, 0300 and many more 

All UK Non Geographic numbers are available at the UK’s best rates available. 0800, 0845, 0870, and many more. We also offer free porting if you want to bring on new numbers 

All UK Geo Numbers are available for any location free with our systems. We can also point the calls to any UK number and queue them in the cloud at no extra charge   

All International destinations are available at great prices, including France, Germany, Hong Kong, UAE, the US, and many more

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Geoff Roy
Geoff Roy
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These guys just sort you out quickly, when your IT plays up in your office. Great piece of mind that lets you get on with running your business
James Riddett
James Riddett
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Tremendously clever , slick , knowledgeable service, lightning response a fabulous IT and Telecoms company, used exclusively for 20 years plus. Thoroughly recommended !
Richard Gray
Richard Gray
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Great service when you really need it. Someone is always available on the phone and they really know their IT. Thanks for making a real difference to our business.
David Richards
David Richards
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We use them with work and they're always there when we need them.