Keeping you safer and up-to-date: INDIGO AI

We are delighted to announce the launch of INDIGO AI – a desktop solution that keeps both you and us informed on your individual user profile and desktop,  and proactively warns of us when updates are needed. It also provides all the information we need when servicing or trouble-shooting your IT set-up. This has been deployed free of charge on all supported customer servers already.

What does this mean for you? This all part of our long term strategy to better support our customers by moving from reactive to proactive support. With INDIGO AI, our team will get alerts from your PC and be able to act before a fault hits you. So you will have even less IT downtime and disruption. INDIGO AI is available as part of our Cyber security bundle – you can get more in information about the INDIGO AI product here or contact us is you want to discuss adding it to your service package.