IT Support

With our of Remote and on site Support packages we can support any UK SME with there business

Business Telecoms

Our State of the Art Cloud voice platform is built to Deliver HD Voice platforms bespoke to your business


We have specialist's in 5 Areas who can consult with you and advice on the best solutions for your business.


From Lease lines to FTTC we do it all. We work with all the best Tier 1 Carriers to get you the best Value.

Power up your customer support with superior IVR system in London, from Indigo IT. The interactive voice response systems adds more muscle to your customer support process and helps you stay in touch with your customers around the clock.

The robust IVR support helps to greet the customer when they call up your business. Based on their inputs, the interactive system will help route the call to the right department within the company. The smart IVR feature helps the customers to speak to the right person who can help resolve their issues and arrive at a solution. This ability of the IVR enhances the level of satisfaction associated with the calling experience of the customer.

We are adept at installing single-level IVR as well as more complex multi-level IVR system integrated within your company’s customer support process. You get the power to decide what your customers want to hear. The better degree of personalization offered by our IVR system in London plays a great role in making the customer listen to more relevant information, thus increasing the overall call experience. In case you need after-hours customer support, then IVR can be a great way for people to know the scheduled business hours and contact details in case of any emergency.

If you are in an industry where the voice of the customer matters to your business’ success, then you definitely need to get an IVR system installed by the experts. Call us today at Indigo IT and get a custom IVR support quote for your business process.

Dasaster Recovery Systems

Every INDIGO customer is get a free 30 minute Disaster Recovery build with one of our engineers this is a plan that you can active at a moment notice using our Mobile App. the whole company will instantly switch to you new plan and customers will get the exact same experience even if they are calling mobiles

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